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Scholarships for African American Women

For those looking for scholarships for African American women, you are in luck. There are several scholarship programs out there that will fit your needs. Here are just a few of the scholarship programs that you may qualify for.


The United Negro Fund

This organization has been on the forefront of providing scholarships to ethnic minorities over years. The company’s motto is “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste” which implies how dedicated they are in order to help people utilize their talent, when they cannot afford it.

The United Negro Fund has granted scholarships and financial aid to nearly more than a million of students.  American banks also helped this organization in an enlighten way when they donated over a million USD to the organization.

UNCF – Probably one of the most recognized organizations in the world for providing African American Scholarships. They offer their students 21st century academic programs while keeping their tuitions to less than half the average of other private colleges;


Administering 400 scholarship and internship programs, so that even students from low- and moderate-income families can afford college tuition, books and room and board.


These are two of the more popular grant programs that are available. They have literally help millions of minorities receive financial aid. Here is a list of other organizations which provide scholarships for African American Women Scholarships are:

1. Ron Brown Scholarship. You could find their website through a search engine.
3. The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship.
4. Intel Science talent search.

There are many other Scholarships for African American Women that are available online.


Scholarships for African American Women  


Scholarships for African American women have increased in availability greatly in the last twenty five years. The largest demographic growth in colleges and universities is African American women so the need is definitely there.  



African American women are actually a double minority because they are of color and they are female, two groups that have been historically over looked when it comes to education.  



Things To Consider  


Although there are some scholarships that are designed specifically for African American women there are far more scholarships that are geared toward academic achievement for any race or gender.  


The scholarships for African American women are very competitive because there is such a huge influx of African American women attending college. Competition is tough so if you are an African American women and you are contemplating applying for college scholarships there are a few things that you can do that will put you in front of the pack.  




Opening up your possibilities means that excelling in academics is a must. It really does not matter which subject you excel in there is likely to be a scholarship available for it. Typically it will be a subject that you love or have a great interest in. Focus on that subject and get the best grades that you can . Than look for a career field that is relative to that subject.  


Once you find the career field it is time to start contacting professional clubs and organizations that are representative of that field. Nine times out of ten if the career field is under represented by minorities than there will be a minority grant or scholarship offered.  


It does not hurt to call around and ask. All they can say is no and than you move on to the next organization or club until you find one that does support African American women breaking into that career field through education and scholarship. 


Social Groups  


There are many social groups and sororities that typically offer scholarships for African American women, all you need to do is ask and apply. Leave no stone un turned.  


Talk to friends and relatives to see if they belong to a social organization that may have a scholarship program a lot of people belongs to groups or clubs and have no idea that there is even a scholarship fund. Ask! 


There are more scholarships for African American women today than there ever has been before but there are still not enough. You have to be willing to work hard and compete to get what you need.  




Scholarships for African Americans
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