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The cost of college education is not getting easier on student’s pockets year after year. However, the rising cost of higher education does not have to stop you from attending college. With an increasing number of African American scholarships granted every year to minority students, paying for school is easier if you are motivated and know where to look for free educational assistance.





African American scholarships are widely available from a number of resources to include government, nonprofit organizations, and the universities. These scholarships may be performance-based or need-based, or both. Receiving a scholarship requires action on the part of the student, and there are certain steps you have to take in order to benefit from scholarship programs.


First, you have to pick your field of study, i.e. your major, and select a school or a few you intend to attend. Many African American students tend to choose historically black institutions, as they offer more scholarships to minorities. While it is true, it is important to keep in mind that the competition at these schools is also higher. Therefore, it may make sense to select a school that suits your educational needs best. Once your future profession is chosen, it is time to do some research. Nothing prevents you from applying to multiple scholarship programs and getting several scholarships at the same time. You should establish first, whether you fall into low-income category to see if you may benefit from need-based African American scholarships. If you do, your chances of landing a scholarship greatly increase. If you do not, then you have to face some challenge, as performance-based scholarships are more competitive.


If you have low household income, your best bet is to start your search for scholarships from the top, i.e. search government scholarships first, then explore scholarship options with nonprofits, such as United Negro College Fund, and look at what your school has to offer last. The logic behind this is very simple, as schools offer very limited help outside government-assisted programs, while government and nonprofit need-based scholarships are widely available and are less competitive. You should not count, however, that you will get free money to fund all your educational expenses, and should seek alternative financing options at the same time, such as student loans, personal savings, or a job.


Performance-based scholarships are harder to get, but are very attractive, as some of them offer significant amount of funding. To avoid spending time unproductively make sure you fit all the requirements of the scholarship program you are about to apply for. Your chances are greater if you apply for African American scholarships granted by your school or by companies and institutions in your prospective field. Talk to your school financial aid office and to your department head to see what options are available to you. Check local and national companies and institutions to see if they offer scholarships for minorities, as many of them do especially large corporations.


While researching and applying for African American scholarship programs may seem like a lot of hassle, it is usually well-worth it. Also, remember that you are free to apply to any other general scholarship programs, increasing your chances of getting free financial assistance.


African American Scholarship Programs




African American Scholarships for 2011-2012  


Being African American and searching for African American Scholarships for 2011-2012 means that you have to be extra diligent is applying early and often. Budget cuts have left many programs that offer African American scholarships for 2011-2012 a bit on the empty side.  


There will be tons of competition for African American scholarships for 2011-2012 thanks to the down turn in the economy. Many households have smaller incomes and many programs are strapped for funding. This means there will be more people than ever turning to African American scholarships for 2011-2012 to get through school but there will be less funding available to go around.  


Things You Can Do 


You still have some options, very viable options. You can look in all the traditional places for scholarships like organizations that support your projected major. You can also look to not so conventional places for scholarships.  


There are smaller organizations through out the country that offer African American scholarships for 2011-2012. These organizations are typically small community action programs. They may be strapped for cash as well but there is a good chance that these lesser known groups can help you out because less people will be applying.  


Pick a subject that you love while in high school and excel at it. Put your best foot forward and get those grades up and keep them up. You will get noticed and it will open doors for you.  


The bottom line here is that you are going to have to work harder to find those African American scholarships for 2011-2012 being African American is not enough. You have to be an outstanding African American to draw the attention that you need to stand out and get what you need to get to get to college.  


If you need a scholarship to get you to college pull out all the stops. Get a webpage together and ask for contributions, you never know who might cross your page and decide that your education is a worthy cause. Put the leg work in go form organization to organization until you find one that will give you the scholarship that you need.  


Never Give Up  


No matter how many doors get slammed in your face, keep plugging away until you find the African American scholarships for 2011-2012 that you need to be a success. You can get what you need ! 














Scholarships for African Americans   


There are plenty of opportunities available for finding scholarships for African Americans. There are groups, businesses and organizations that focus their resources on providing scholarships for African Americans. Finding these opportunities requires some dedication but they are available. 


If you are African American and need a way to get through college a scholarship can be the door to your future.  


Professional Groups 


There are many professional groups that offer scholarships for African Americans. If you excel in a specific area of study than this is a good place to start your search. For example if you excel in chemistry or any one of the sciences than do a web search to find professional groups for those areas. It is highly likely that these groups will offer scholarships to outstanding African American students in this area.  


Of course scholarships for African Americans are not limited only to the sciences. Teaching, math, psychology, the arts are all possibilities. Each of these types of professional organizations will also have money earmarked to provide scholarships as well.  




Many African American athletes also can find scholarships for African Americans available. Most folks thing of football and basketball as the only type of athletics available, but there are a  wide range of scholarships available for a full array of sports. Sports like golf, baseball, track, volleyball, tennis, rugby, lacrosse any sport that is played in high school has the potential of a scholarship opportunity. Even if you don’t get a full ride a partial scholarship is better than nothing.  


Many athletic organizations will provide scholarships for African American athletes.  




Most folks think of the NAACP as the only organization that provides scholarships for African Americans, although the NAACP does offer scholarships for African Americans is it not by far the only organization that does.  


There are plenty of community level organizations and national level organizations that offer these scholarships as well. You simply have to look. Start in your own neighborhood. Look for local social clubs and groups in your area that might offer scholarships, they may be small but every little bit helps.  


Some Tips  


Get yourself in the right place! If you excel at a certain subject work hard at it to stand out, this will increase your chance of getting a scholarship from a professional organization.  


Join groups or clubs! Participate in groups or clubs that ultimately will lead to scholarship opportunities. Groups like performing arts groups, or athletic clubs may have opportunities available. 


Apply early! Scholarships for African Americans are competitive like all scholarships so apply early and follow directions.  


You can find scholarships to help you get through school, be diligent and keep applying!  




African American Scholarships  


If you are African American and attending college or plan on attending college than you need to be seeking out African American Scholarships. There are plenty of sources available that offer these scholarships all you have to do is to look for them.  


There are organizations both professional and social that offer African American scholarships. All you have to do is find them. A good place to start is in your own backyard.  


Community Organizations  


There are many community organizations and social clubs that offer African American scholarships and the only requirement is that you are either in college or on your way and of course that you are African American.  


Most community organizations do not broadcast that they offer a scholarship program so you are going to have to ask. Some organizations only offer scholarships to their members or to their member’s dependents, but you may be able to still work on getting a scholarship if you know a member.  


Government Groups  


African American scholarships are available through many government agencies. All you have to do is ask. Most government African American scholarships are offered based on financial need. You are usually required to fill out an application and provide proof of income.  




Many schools offer minority grants that are geared toward African Americans. African American scholarships are offered at colleges that are predominately made up of Caucasian populations.  


Typically these colleges are focused on bringing more African Americans to their schools. You can take advantage of these opportunities. 


African American Scholarships from Other Sources  


African American scholarships from other sources are abundant. You just have to know where to look. Sometimes they are available in very unlikely places. Corporate entities often offer African American scholarships to promising scholars in the field they represent.  


Sports organizations are also a good source. You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from these organizations. All you have to do is play the sport and belong to an organization.  


African American scholarships are largely available from a huge number of sources. You have to search out the sources. If you want the benefit of African American scholarships than you need to take the responsibility of finding the ones that you are eligible for and apply.  


You have to be proactive to be successful in finding and applying for these scholarship all former recipients of African American scholarships will tell you that diligence is the key.  










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